New Ungnoi Crown Resonance Stabilizer

Ungnoi  writes: "Different vibrations like chassis and airborne vibrations will affect your HiFi systems’ sound reproduction. Our design team selected materials with different densities and textures like carbon fiber, natural rubber cork and spheres to form a resonance stabilizer." 

Through multi-material design, we will solve different vibrations at different frequencies Crown can fully bring out the outstanding bass. Meanwhile, users will find the treble less aggressive and harsh. The contrast between soft sound and strong sound is easy to notice. 

The positioning of instruments is crystal clear when listening to complicated music like a classical symphony. Hence, the emotion of music becomes attached to audiences

Perfect spherical mixtures

The design team come up with unique metal ratio spheres via multiple tests. We want to tackle vibrations at different frequencies.

Great anti-static

The foundation of the Crown is carbon fiber and natural rubber cork. The combination is with great anti-static and protection. Therefore, it can protect your HiFi equipment from the metal part of the Crown. In the meantime, reject any static
  • Dimensions: (W)164 (D)150 (H)31 mm
  • Net weight: 780g