New Wire on Wire Experience Plexus8 Tuneable Cables

Wire on Wire has remodelled the cable geometry for its new tuneable Experience Plexus8 range of audio cables, based on research using its patented REDpurl™ Adaptive Asymmetric Geometry. The cables incorporate an extra pair of silver-plated copper wires to each interconnect with a re-configured flat-braided construction. The result is a cable with increased conductor asymmetry consisting of alternating loop configurations with increased separation between conductors. 

The new cables, the Experience Plexus8 RCA, Experience Plexus8-SC and the Experience Plexus8 Balanced, are constructed from the finest materials, consisting of eight PTFE-insulated, silver-plated, multi-stranded copper wires per cable, with three different conducting filament gauges, resulting in an asymmetric, intersecting, non-parallel configuration. 

Asymmetry to achieve the highest fidelity is at the heart of Wire on Wire’s approach, which is designed to reduce capacitance, crosstalk and harmonic modes and allows the audio cable’s electrical characteristics to be fine-tuned to suit different HiFi components. 

“Asymmetric cable designs just sound better and are more adaptable for different hifi components and individual tastes, than their symmetrical equivalents,” says Wire on Wire’s owner and designer, Chris Bell, “and the new eight-wire construction (hence ‘Plexus8’) extends the range of tuneable cable geometries that we can use to create the highest fidelity audio reproduction.”

All its audio cables are built by hand in the UK, the first of which was the Experience680 RCA audio interconnect followed by the Experience660-S speaker cable. Both were well reviewed, and the tuning principle established. Its Experience880 interconnect was awarded ‘audio cable interconnect of the year 2019’ by HiFi Plus magazine.

Wire on Wire’s cables are made to order and are hand-made in the UK with a 60-day, money back guarantee and free mainland delivery in the UK. 

The new cables will be on demonstration at the upcoming UK Audio Show in Daventry, 8th to 9th of October, room 36.