Seismion Reactio Vibration Isolator

Seismion writes: "Audiophiles strive for the perfect rendition of music recordings. As vibrations are sound, and sound is vibrations, all disturbing influences in the whole chain need to be eliminated. Seismion Reactio brings you closer to that goal than ever before."

Seismion Reactio is a high-performance vibration isolator (the advantage of active isolation). Originally developed to meet the highest standards for applications like semiconductor inspection, nanotechnology and industrial metrology, it is now also available for the high-end audio field.

Being an active system, it features extremely sensitive piezoelectric sensors, which detect even the smallest vibrations. An all-analog electronic control circuit generates the required compensation forces with as little distortions as possible.

Inspired by Newton´s third law of motion, Seismion Reactio produces exactly the required counter forces to stop any vibration, coming from the base or being generated in the unit itself (more about the difference between isolation and stabilization),

The result is simply pure music like one has hardly experienced before.

Optional Linear Power Supply, a HPL top-plate and different sizes and payload capacities as options for audiophiles

Addressing the special requirements for audiophile users, Seismion will bring out a high-quality Linear Power Supply, developed to work smoothly with the Reactio isolator (to be announced shortly).

Seismion Reactio comes in a simple but yet high-quality black powder-coated finish design, so it blends smoothly with your equipment, but always proves its high claims by its accurate and flawless appearance. We have taken away all unnecessary stuff and only keep one On/Off button and an indication LED.

Besides, an additional top-plate made of High-Pressure-Laminate (HPL) can be ordered as another option, to make Seismion Reactio a unique and more personal item.

Standard type of Reactio is 500×400 mm size with a height of only 85mm. The payload capacity is about 80 kg. Further options like 600×600 mm or larger, and a high-payload version with 160 kg are also available.

Isolating all vibrations above 1 Hz

Isolation is absolutely crucial for high-end audio systems. Even the slightest vibration from ambient sources is affecting the sound reproduction. Transistors, tube amplifiers and also speakers are components especially sensitive to vibration excitation.

As most vibrations are reaching the equipment through the floor, the critical frequency range is typically in the range from 2 to 10 Hz. This is where the active Reactio is performing especially well.

Extremely low noise floor due to selected electronics

It is a fact that all active systems generate some self-noise. Even piezoelectric sensors include to a certain amount noise in the sensor signal. The sensor signal is amplified multiple times in the feedback loop to generate the compensation forces. As the control cannot distinguish between the noise and the real signal, also the noise reaches the actuators and excites the isolated platform with a certain noisy vibration spectrum. This is a common concern amoung audiphiles, as even the slightest noise disturbs the music reproduction.

However, realizing the lowest noise level amoung all currently available active isolators has been the goal during development. The result is a stunning, low-noise vibration isolation. The difference is audible!

The ultimate challenge for any vibration isolator is to prove its performance under very low vibration excitation. Since a low excitation yields a bad signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), most isolators are not capable to achieve the isolation reduction that is given in their data sheets. Typically, the manufacturers test their isolators with a controlled excitation spectrum by placing the isolator on a shaker table, and choosing a proper vibration level.

These results are rather meaningless for audiophiles, since they would not place their high-end equipment on a place with high vibration excitation.

Seismion, in contrast, measures the performance of its isolators by pure ambient excitations in laboratory (how Seismion measures the performance of its isolators). The vibration level is comparable to what the end-used might experience in their music rooms. Even with this low vibration excitation, the Reactio still offers its full isolation performance.

As a result, Seismion Reactio exceeds even the toughest VC criteria for the most demanding industrial systems in nanometer scale (more on VC curves).

Key specifications

  • High-performance active vibration isolator
  • Ultra low-noise control
  • Standard version: 500×400 mm, 80 kg payload capacity
  • Different sizes and high payload (160 kg) version available
  • Distinctive options for audiophile users: high-quality Linear Power Supply, wooden top-plate