The Ultimate Audio Upgrade!?

Highly interesting electrical power upgrade in the personal system of Ken Ishiguro, president of Acoustic Revive. ECM Design performed the replacement of the EMC distribution board dedicated to audio. This distributor is a special specification with a variety of Acoustic Revive products use as the basis for the upgrade. 

Ken Ishiguro's insights: "The power supply in my house starts from my electric pole to my pole transformer, the ground with extremely low ground resistance and no loops, the distributor is divided into audio and domestic use, the internal wiring is a flexible copper tube shield and carbon CSF tube, our elliptical single wire wrapped with a natural silk tube, and an outlet of pure copper electrode NCF attached to the outlet base CB -1DB.

The power cable with the Degawa unit MD and the RTP absolute power supply BOX completely separates the digital system from the analog system, and the conditioner RPC-1K absorbs and eliminates high-frequency interference. The only weak point was that the control panel was very ordinary.

However, this distribution board also had the breaker replaced with a cryogenically treated breaker (at ultra-low temperature), and various noise reduction and vibration suppression treatments were implemented, so I think the minimum quality was maintained and the inside of the distributor must have been of higher quality than the distributor of a power supply that uses a metal enclosure that always causes reflections.

EMC Sekkei's distributor appears to be the definitive solution. EMC Sekkei's distributor is completely different from those of other power suppliers.

In addition to the careful selection of breakers, conductor material and screws to be used, and noise suppression by carbon nanotubes, the spacing of the conductor material is also adjusted to minimize the electric field strength. It controls the phase from the breaker to the socket (this is different from polarity or digital-analog separation). 

After a preliminary inspection and a detailed meeting to confirm the current situation, the day before yesterday, September 3, was the day of installation.

The S/N ratio was improved, distortion was drastically reduced, the noise was eliminated, the texture is fresh and smooth, the density and thickness of the sound were improved, and even the phase characteristics were improved. All audio elements have been improved at once, such as a deep sense of depth, stereoscopic sound image, localization, and fine information that can be heard naturally.

I can assure you that even if you spend millions or even tens of millions on speakers and amplifiers, you can never achieve the effect of the EMC Sekkei power supply design.

It is not an exaggeration when I say that the huge improvement in sound quality is the biggest impression on my audio life. 

The biggest advantage of the EMC Sekkei power supply design The point is that you can install a dedicated audio distributor in any environment.

In other words, you can build the best power supply environment in an apartment, a new building, a studio, or a residential house.

Audio rooms, recording studios, mastering studios, live houses, and clubs do not need their utility poles or pole transformers to improve acoustic quality.

My utility pole and the transformer on my pole had no effect at all.

EMC Sekkei's power supply design realizes the distribution board construction that separates this audio and home use with the highest quality.

For audiophiles, studio engineers, live house and club owners who live in condos and have given up on building power supplies, EMC Sekkei power supply construction is good news.

Mr. Suzuki of EMC Engineering not only previews but also listens to confirm the impact of the temporary construction.

Building audio power supplies is not a rich man's hobby. I guarantee that all audio and music lovers will have an absolute effect."