Yukiseimitsu Audio APO

YUKI Precision started in 1950 in Chigasaki, Japan, as a small machining shop. Driven by the love for music, YUKI Precision launched its own audio brand YUKISEIMITSU AUDIO in 2020. 


The separate control box and floating structure of the tonearm base provide space around the magnetic field. The structure is designed to be open from the front to the back so that the user can feel the mechanism.

All metal parts are precision machined in-house.

Stainless steel pure straight tone arm with an arm length of 240mm (effective length: 255mm). 

The arm fulcrum is located on the extension line of the cartridge cantilever so that the cantilever is not subjected to unnecessary lateral bending force when the stylus tip is pulled by the rotation of the board. 

This rational concept is gentle to the cantilever and minimizes the effect on the left-right balance.

Beautiful metallic appearance composed of precision components mostly manufactured in-house.

The combination of different metallic materials prevents"howling" effect.