2L Nominations For 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

2L writes: "Dear colleagues and friends of the Recording Academy, these are the candidates from 2L for your consideration in the first round of voting for the 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Enjoy!" 

TUVAYHUN — Beatitudes for a Wounded World
Nidarosdomens jentekor & TrondheimSolistene, 
Anita Brevik, Morten Lindberg
Category 58: Best Global Music Album
Category 84: Best Choral Performance
Category 89: Best Contemporary Classical Composition
Category 80: Best Engineered Album, Classical
Category 79: Best Immersive Audio Album

Jan Gunnar Hoff, solo piano
Category 34: Best Jazz Instrumental Album

Alt hva mødrene har kjempet
Kammerkoret Aurum, Eva Holm Foosnæs
Category 84: Best Choral Performance

TUVAYHUN — Beatitudes for a Wounded World

Our world is wounded. All around us we see the cracks. And yet the world is beautiful and blessed in so many ways. This extraordinary work begins from the Beatitudes and responds with new poetry that sheds light on who among us might be in need of blessing. These texts, ancient and new, are woven into a colorful tapestry of music inspired by a variety of traditions, highlighting the universality of the human experience. TUVAYHUN creates an opportunity for performers and listeners alike to inspire and be inspired, to be blessed, and be a blessing.

Music by Kim André Arnesen
Lyrics by Charles Anthony Silvestri

Nidarosdomens jentekor (Nidaros Cathedral Girls’ Choir)
TrondheimSolistene, Anita Brevik

MAGNIFICAT was nominated for a Grammy. 
LUX won the Grammy. Now there is TUVAYHUN. 

HOME - Jan Gunnar Hoff

HOME can be seen both as a homage to and as a statement of belonging to northern Norway, with its naked landscape and its Arctic location. The title can also allude to a quest for identity, both from a personal and from an artistic perspective. All these sentiments and aspirations find expression in the music on this album. Many of the pieces here are interpretations of well known themes, while others are original compositions by Hoff. Some of the pieces are completely improvisatory. 

In May 2021 Morten Lindberg got in touch with me and asked if I could make a solo recording in Stormen Concert Hall in Bodø. With open minds and very few pre-conceived ideas we went ahead and, broadly speaking, took things as they came – the way we felt at the time, the actual piano and the concert hall itself determining what we recorded for two days in August that year. This album does not aim to present a particular genre, with all the expectations such a commitment might carry, but rather to give each number its own shape and style. When you interpret text-based songs instrumentally it’s best to keep a sharp focus on melody, rhythm and phrasing. By freeing the phrasing of the melody from the constraints of a fixed tempo, I can put more strength and intensity into my interpretation, and broaden and embolden the melodic material. — Jan Gunnar Hoff, 2022

Alt hva mødrene har kjempet - Kammerkoret Aurum & Eva Holm Foosnæs

ALL THAT OUR MOTHERS HAVE FOUGHT is a collection of contemporary, Norwegian choral works portraying strong women. The music illustrate some of the many storms that women have had to – and still have to – weather. They tell stories about the women’s suffrage movement, about a Syrian student risking her life to complete her medical education, and about a small girl’s defiance. All these stories open our eyes to different viewpoints on women’s struggles. The driving force behind this collection is our wish to provide new perspectives on the weeping women of the Norwegian national anthem, thru music composed by Tone Åse, Trond Kverno, Marianne Reidarsdatter Eriksen, Birgit Djupedal, Ellen Lindquist and Eva Holm Foosnæs.