Audio Bastion Titan Silencer.

Audio Bastion Titan Silencer: speaker spike pad, amplifier foot pad, and sound dampening weight are made from polished Stainless Steel, Titanium Alloy GR5, T6061 Aluminum, and Silicone Cushion to accurate tolerances. They are designed to look fabulous and considerably reduce vibration in all hi-fi equipment. You will notice an immediate improvement in the sound quality. Typically, improved sound stage, harshness removed from high notes, more clarity, detail, and solidity. On AV equipment a clearer crisper picture will be seen as well. 

Appropriately used, these feet will give you many years of reliable service and improved enjoyment of your beloved hi-fi equipment. For high-end audio, this would be the most cost-effective upgrade you can make. I would not want to be without them if you don’t agree, just send them back.

• 4-Layer Design, Kills bad vibration
• Proudly Designed in the USA
• Outer Diameter: 78mm; Thickness: 33mm;
• Titanium Alloy GR5, Stainless Steel SUS304, 

Silicone Cushion Layer & Aluminum Base

• Protects your floor from spike marks 
• Sound Dampening Weight
• Anti-vibration Support
• Amplifier Foot Pad
• Audio Shelf foot Pad