Bergmann Audio Galder-Odin Signature

Bergmann Audio writes: "It is 5 years since we launched the well-known classic Galder & Odin, which, from the beginning, has won great acclaim - for design, technology, craftsmanship, ease of use, and not least the sonic qualities."

"With the Galder-Odin Signature, we have taken this system to a new sonic level. Vital parts are made of solid stainless steel. Such as the 36kg platter, the clamp, and the unique adjustable Galder feet.

The Odin tonearm has been further developed for additional strength and stiffness, as well as even easier adjustment of the VTA and overhang.

With the upgrades on Galder-Odin Signature, we achieve more depth and weight in the low frequencies. The transparency improved, and the full sound image has become even more vivid.
A pleasure for the ear - and the eye."