Furutech Destat III Review

In this review, I take a closer look at one of the many Furutech accessories designed to take high-end audio components and systems to a higher level of performance. 

The static buildup is a problem that many other industries have long grappled with in a variety of ways, as several thousand volts of static can accumulate on various materials. One of the approaches is to apply positive and negative ions to surfaces during production or at the end of the process, as static charge can cause not only costly but also fatal damage.

Destat III

By removing dust and static electricity, Furutech Destat III lifts the sound of records, CDs, and even DVDs. Many analog aficionados and cognoscenti already know that annoying static interferes with sound and deal with it in a variety of ways. 

Although it may seem that Destat III was conceived specifically for this purpose, its practical application goes beyond that. Destat III is designed to benefit nearly every system component by eliminating static. It also removes static charge from audio and video components, power cords, line-level connections, speaker cables, and even metal record weights. In addition, some household appliances can also benefit from static elimination. 

The Destat III is the third generation model of Furutech's original and very popular Destat, in its latest version with 30% more zapping power. Destat III is part of a broader portfolio of Furutech's treatments for analog and digital playback systems.


The fact is that not all of the static discharges naturally. Rather, massive static charge can occur, as we often experience daily on our bodies, clothing, carpets, and other objects, even a few thousand volts.

The Destat III fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its handle and is very efficient. It is powered by four AA batteries and is easy to use with one hand. 

1. Battery cover

2. Start button

3. LED indicator (Green---Operation mode / Red---Battery needs changing)

A push of a button activates the process, which takes about 15 seconds to remove static. For vinyl and CDs, it is recommended to hover 5 cm above the media. 

If you are using the Destat III with electronic devices, you should turn them off completely during the treatment. A safety circuit prevents shock from the Balanced Ion Flow Generator. 

Once started, the green LED light will illuminate and the air will quickly be filled with the smell of the impacting ions. 

The treatment aims to establish the balance/equilibrium between negative and negative ions, eliminating the static charge. 

Especially with records, clicks and pops are the results of static charge. For some reason, the static charge seems to be strongest on the first or second track in the record, so I have gotten into the habit of devoting a larger portion of the treatment circle to the outer ring of the record. 

It is known that ion generators and ionizers are used in the medical field, and the familiar smell of the ion equation in the atmosphere, which can be perceived in hospitals, SPAs, hotels, etc., is also noticeable at Destat III.

On a larger scale, of course, this effect has many positive effects, such as reducing fatigue...

The Music

There were too many practical applications of the Furutech Destat III during the review to pinpoint all of them as I tested it with vinyl, CD, cables, and electronic components, but I will break it down into three major sections. 

With the Destat III treatment on the cables, I could perceive less artificial attenuation at higher and lower frequencies, this was especially noticeable with Ahmad Jamal's "Broadway" (Live At The Alhambra/1961). The music was clearer, and more transparent, with a constructed full-range scale, and it attained sparkling details without any detrimental effects.

For different electronic components, the effects were different, but there was a clear silver lining. Destat III can be used in several ways, such as by sweeping over an entire chassis, but perhaps the most convenient and effective way is to start over the top panel of the device. Optimally, one should find out (and measure) where the static charge is densest and apply the discharge there. 

When banishing static charge with the Destat III, for continuity and objectivity with multiple components, I always used Gustav Holst's "The Planets, Op. 32 - 4th Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity" by Los Angeles Philharmonic - Zubin Mehta.

Repeated results and listening notes indicated finer detail retrieval and better dynamic transients, with less rounded leading edges. This allowed "The Planets" to shape the orchestra with better dynamism, the sonic sphere was more holistically fulfilled, and my listening notes repeatedly displayed an increase in the density of acoustic focal points.

For vinyl I deliberately use my SUPERSENSE Mastercut records; the archival edition no. 1 Martha Argerich, the archival tape edition no. 3 John Coltrane and the live tape edition no. 1 Gregory Porter. 

They are all very quiet by default, and direct-cut lacquer records are inherently less prone to clicks, pops, and static effects. Still...

Mastercut editions are inherently quiet, but the Furutech Destat III I has further strengthened the tonal balance by eliminating static. The newfound, further enhanced, the distraction-free experience moved the overall music encounter even closer to the master tape experience that SUPERSENSE delivers, and it's improbable with most regular vinyl.


As with many things in high-end audio, there are plenty of skeptics about anything that comes or works outside the box. As proven so many times before, the proof is in the pudding.

Not only with vinyl, but the application of Destat III on the various components has been shown to work at no small level, with practical measurements showing that even half or more of the static can be removed. 

It is not super easy to make a device like Destat III effective and fully functional. The speed of the ion wind is linearly related to the square root of the discharge current. For air-assisted static charge removal to work, some experimentation, research and development, and measurement are required. 

Furutech Destat III's Balanced Ion Flow Generator releases just the right balance of positive and negative ions to combat this phenomenon. 

This high-density rate of oppositely charged ions eliminates static charges that easily accumulate from various sources and besets not only the records but also all media, cables, and electronics. 

No, Furutech will not turn the Fantasmones Siniestros into the Night's Watch, but it will help, especially in improving the vinyl record experience by making it much more avid, more involving, and less distracting, with fewer discontinuities while working with maximum efficiency through the electron avalanche process.

The importance of clean records is paramount to a true high-fidelity analog experience. With Destat III, the vinyl experience is less coroneted, the sound field feels less fractured, and the elimination of distracting noise results in a much more intimate musical experience. 

Although many audiophiles and music lovers may question the idea, the Furutech Destat III is a real deal and an asset, with no side effects. It enlivens exciting music listening with fewer interruptions. 

Static clicks are certainly something that has kept many, even experienced high-end lovers, from diving into the analog realm, but Furuetch Destat III is a far more universal audio device compared to many more expensive high-end audio accessories, and it's also much more affordable, thus making it an easier transition for those being reserved about it due to these particularities. 

Along with the AFI flat.2 Record Flattener/Relaxer and ultra-cleaning/washing with Degritter, the Furutech Destat III became part of the obligatory ritual. While I logically skip the AFI flat.2 in my daily routine, the other two are a mandatory and fully adopted ritual as the static and dust build back up very quickly after use. 

For enhancing the listening experience, particularly with vinyl and the impact it can also have on cables and electronic devices, I give the Furutech Destat III the Mono & Stereo 2022 Highly Recommended Product Award.

If you are serious about listening to black disks and do not mind a brief 15-second indulgence before each play, the Furutech Destat III is a real gem. The noticeable effect that extends to cables and electronic devices is another plus. 

While records and CD /SACDs require treatment before each play, the frequency of "discharge" of cables and electronic devices depends on usage and other circumstances. I recommend making a note or sketching the epicenter where the measured static charge is strongest and checking it regularly with a special static charge meter. 


  • MSRP 375 EUR


  • Type Fan-assisted balanced ion flow
  • 4 pcs of AA size 1.5V battery attached
  • Size:137.2mm D x 102mm H / 5.4” D x 4.015” H Approx.  
  • Weight: 297g/0.65 lbs approx. without battery


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