Kondo Audio Note Japan Shinri 300B/VT 52.

Gianluigi Baldi very unique Kondo Audio Note Japan Shinri amplifier. Audio Note Japan produced this single-ended model with 300B WE and 6072 and 5687 tubes around 1980, the same year as the production of Kondo M7 and M 10 preamps.

In the same year, the Kondo Neiro parallel SE 2A3 was also released with in-house hand-winded silver capacitors, as was the Kageki, which is like the Neiro Silver but with a silver-wired output transformer instead of copper.

Shinri is a similar amplifier to Neiro Silver, but with SE topology, 300B, and 7 watts output power. But there is more. Kondo Baransu is like Shinri, but with a silver output transformer.

Kondo Audio Note Japan produced only 6/7 Shinri, SE with 300B and only one with VT 52 B tube.

This Shinri owned by Baldi, when it arrived in Italy, was the only one made with VT 52B tube, equivalent to 300B. The previous owner exchanged VT 52 B tube for 300B because he thought it sounded slightly better.