Nagra - Marten - WAY Cables - Fidata

Nagra HD and Classic with Anniversary turntable, Marten Mingus Orchestra loudspeakers, WAY Cables flagship cables, Finite Elemente racks, Fidata, etc. at the recent High-End Audio Show in Belgrade. 

  • NAGRA HD preamp + Classic Phono preamp 
  • NAGRA HD AMP monoblock power amps 
Digital music source: 
  • fidata Global HFAS1 network audio server/streamer 
  • NAGRA HD DAC X digital to analogue converter 
  • Marten Mingus Orchestra 
Cables - WAY Cables flagship lineup:
  • Poetry+ and Harmony+ analogue RCA & XLR interconnects
  • Mind Ethernet audio cable Cat. 8+
  • Libertas USB audio cable
  • Endless X speaker cables and jumpers (first public presentation in Europe)
  • Core power audio cables
  • Union power audio strip  
  • Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference 750