Naim STATEMENT NAC S1 Preamplifier.

Suspension techniques originally developed for the Naim 500 Series have been re-engineered and applied in a whole new way for STATEMENT. 

All audio boards within the NAC S1 preamplifier are mounted on a brass plate then suspended vertically on coil springs within the top section of the structure. The board has a resonant frequency at 9Hz, below the threshold of human hearing, eradicating microphonic interference and giving the electronics the best possible environment in which to operate.  

NAC S1 preamplifier was engineered from the ground up and features a unique electronic design. At the input stages within the lower half of the unit, a high-mass brass frame holds all the switching and suspends it using a leaf-spring system to decouple it from any outside interference. The signal is then converted to balanced and sent through the acrylic divide to the main analogue boards above. All inputs are individually isolated too, so that sound performance isn't compromised when multiple sources are connected.