New ANTICABLES Level 4.2 FLEX Speaker Wires

ANTICABLES writes: "Our new Level 4.2 FLEX Speaker Wires have been years in the making. They finally fill the gap between Level 3.1 and Level 5. They are the best possible Copper wire offering before jumping up to our expensive ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy wire metallurgy used in our Level 5 and Level 6 speaker wires."

Over the past year, we have shipped them to quite a number of lucky customers who have asked, "Do you have anything new in the works", and have showed them in multiple demo rooms at AXPONA in Chicago, Pacific Audiofest in Seattle, New York Audio Show in Manhattan, and coming soon to Capital Audiofest in DC.

The new Level 4.2 FLEX Speaker Wires are a stereo pair of very heavy 7.5 gauge wire runs which will enable single or bi-wiring wiring a pair of speakers. Just as our Level 3.1 Speaker Wires are a doubled-up build of our Level 2.1 Speaker Wires, these are essentially a tripled-up build of them. But, instead of using three #12 gauge wires per connection, nine smaller gauge wires are used to build the equivalent. The smaller gauge wires provide sonic benefits and allows for much greater cable flexibility.

Holding with Anticables original greatness, no jacketing is used and the pure copper wire is insulated (and hermetically sealed to prevent oxidation), with a very thin yet durable red coating. There is no thick jacketing that blurs the music with a lot of bad sounding dielectric effect distortion. They are a significant step up from our most popular Level 3.1 speaker wires, in that they have 50% more free electrons available to move the music from your amp to your speakers, and yet are also more flexible. Instead of using three #12 gauge wires per connection, the nine smaller and more flexible Anticables wires are used to create this massive build. If they were jacketed like typical cables, they would not sound as good, and they would be your typical unmanageably large snake sized cables.

As expected, these new speaker wires are built using our Reduced Dislocation Density (RDD™) wire. From our 6 month research project with Material Scientist Dr. Douglas Stauffer, and collaborating with the US facility that draws the wire to our specification, we improved the wire drawing process to greatly reduce the dislocation density of the copper. Learn more about our Reduced Dislocation Density (RDD™) wire HERE.

The Level 4.2 FLEX Speaker Wires are neutral, transparent, resolving, dynamic, fully bodied, non-hyped, have very little sonic signature (especially in the highs where most cables announce themselves), and have a purity of tone.

Standard-Bi-Wire and True-Bi-Wire configurations are also available by simply selecting those options. Customers can select their choice of terminations and the lengths to each speaker. Because of the very low dielectric effect distortion design, running different lengths has no sonic impact when kept within a 2:1 or less length difference. Customers can save money when buying a shorter length to the closer speaker. All eighteen wires are hand woven together to make each beautiful looking, flexible and easy to manage wire run.