New AQUA La Diva M2​ CD Transport.

Aqua has never followed the whims of market fashion but has always remained focused on achieving true high fidelity sound reproduction. 

AQUA La Diva M2​

The new generation La Diva is a machine that while maintaining the previous name is completely new, both in regards to the CD mechanic and all the internal electronics, power supply, FPGA decoding, clock, floating digital output circuitry, display, etc., entirely a new design.

This was necessary to increase the performance and sound quality. Our goal is always to amaze our customers.

The La Diva M2 remains a "pure-CD" machine: Aqua has chosen to keep focused solely on CD reading, aiming for the best possible results with this medium. This was done by interfacing the latest and most advanced Philips CD decoding circuit - with digital servo control - to our proprietary Aqua electronics.

The reading mechanism used is designed and optimized solely for reading CDs and nothing else, the massively (or use substantially) modified new CD Pro-8S transport has attained a new level of performance and mechanical silence.

The new display is ultra-visible with adjustable brightness! No LCD or commercial panels, Aqua only uses industrial components.