Oslo Hi-Fi Show 2023

"It`s with great pleasure that we can welcome a unified industry to Oslo HiFi Show after far too many years without a proper hifi fair in the capital. This will be a national trade fair on par with the fair in Stockholm with the participati- on of most players in the Norwegian Hi-Fi market. The people behind the fair is a team that knows the International, and Norwegian Hi-Fi market, and with extensive contacts in the industry. Oslo Hi-Fi Show is organized so that payment from the exhibitors will cover all event cost. Any profit will be moved forward to next year’s event." 

Scandic Hotel meets the requirements we have set to arrange a national Hi-Fi fair in the best possible way. There is good availability, and the hotel offers room and facilities for a reasonable cost. The hotel is centrally located near motorway, bus, and train. There are satisfactory parking facilities in and nearby to the hotel.

We are already in contact with distributors and stores/chains, and as always, first come first served. The rooms all have very easy access both by staircase and lift, and the public will find the hotel very easy to navigate. If you have a particular desire for room size and/or location, please contact one of the people on your contact list below, or send an e-mail to bestilling@oslohifishow.no

Focus: The fair ́s main focus is hi-fi and audio products, from the perfectly affordable to the exclusive, but there will also be home theatre, wireless sound, custom install, and image- products on display. The activities are spread over 4 floors and in rooms that in our opinion are well suited for such an event, taking into account both size and flexibility.

Marketing/advertising: The fair will have a strong presence on social media profiles and web. In addition, a comprehensive marketing programme has been drawn up for Facebook, Instagram, trade press and local press. We also have access to Stereo+ with associated websites and social media platforms, as well as several Norwegian discussion forums.

Lectures/talks: There will be lectures from national and international guests.

Accomodation: Rooms are available for accommodation at Scandic Hotel Asker during the fair. Ordering must be made immediately with order code BMAL090323 at: https://bit.ly/3sUytnQ

More information: After registration, you will receive an “user manual” with a complete plan for unloading/unloading goods, how to access to the rooms and everything else necessary for a pleasant exhibition.

Industry dinner: An industry dinner is planned with some food and drinks, and we plan for an award ceremony on Saturday 11 March 2023 to put a spotlight on the best products of the year, in addition to individuals from the industry and distributors that have made their mark in recent years. A separate invitation will be sent out. Dinner and drinks is Nkr. 750.- p.p

Where: Scandic Hotel Asker When: 11-12. Mars 2023 Organiser: Oslo Hi-Fi Show AS

See below for hotel maps with prices for all rooms.

Betalingsinformasjon: Payment information: Order confirmation is sent out at the time of booking. Invoices with a 14-day payment deadline will be sent out no later than 1. February 2023.

Ground floor/ foyer

Entrance/ground floor with conference rooms. 4 large rooms in addition to a smaller room. There is also a café/restaurant and this floor will also have fair and admin offices.
All prices are without VAT
Large room: 181 m2. Large room: 116 m2. Large room: 141 m2. Large room; 92m2,
Price: 75 000.- Nkr Price: 68 000.- Nkr Price; 75 000.- Nkr Price: 68 000.- Nkr.

First floor

This floor has 10 large standard rooms (HC) of various sizes and 14 Standard Rooms. There are doors between several of the HC rooms for those who want two connected rooms.
Prices without VAT
HC-room: HC-room plus: Standard room.
15 000.- Nkr 17 500.- Nkr 10 000.- Nkr

Second floor

Hotel floor with 10 large standard rooms (HC) of different sizes and
10 Standard room. There are doors between several of the HC rooms for those who want two connected rooms.
Price without VAT
HC-room: 15 000.- Nkr HC-room plus: 17 500.- Nkr

Third floor

This floor has 10 large standard rooms (HC) of different sizes. There are doors between several of the HC rooms for those who want to connect two rooms. In addition comes a large common area that can be used for a record fair, headphone demonstration, gadgets etc. Price by appointment.
Price without VAT HC-room: 15 000.- Nkr