Popori Acoustics At Warsaw Show 2022

Popori Acoustics Co. Ltd. is a young Hungarian venture specialized for the development and production of sophisticated electrostatic speakers and matching amplifiers. "Our target was and remains to craft products which remain hidden, neutral in the reproduction chain and let just the music sound as the composers and/or the performing artists intended it to sound. We believe that the products to be presented in Warsaw came quite close to this ideal expectation." 

"Our electrostatic speakers, carefully handcrafted in Hungary are full electrostats without any dynamic speaker or additional subwoofer: the full audio band will be reproduced by the extremely thin foil stretched between the stators. Even the smallest model in the range (W360) features a frequency range from 38 Hz to over 20.000 Hz at close to 0 dB and generates a sound pressure of 90 dB with no or very low distortion. The larger model we will also present in Warsaw (WR-1) has a frequency range of 20 Hz to 22 kHz, the generated sound pressure reaches up to 112 dB. Thanks to the high sensitivity the Popori Acoustics electrostats do not cry for a powerful amplifier, with 2 x 30-35 Watt power we may provide a reasonably high sound level in a room of up to 60 square meters.

As a result of a genius engineering solution the impedance of the speakers never falls below 2,5 Ohm at any frequency and performance level, accordingly our electrostats will not challenge the commonly used amplifiers which hardly tolerate low Ohm values."

Briefly summarized the most remarkable and unique features of the Popori electrostatic speakers are as follows:

• Full or wide range electrostats, without woofers or subwoofers. JUST the stretched foil radiates.
• High sensitivity
• High sound pressure
• Impedance stability (does not fall below 2,5 Ohm)
• Long life expectancy (over 15 years, the first prototypes work without any problem since 22 years!)
• The speakers are running on 12 V, delivered by an external power adapter.
• The speakers can be easily and simply fine tuned to any sound environment, always giving optimal performance.
• The foils respond lighting fast to the pulse of the music, providing natural, living sound.

The W360 and WR-1, driven by the Popori Encaladus power amp (2 x 35 Watt Sinus power on 8 Ohm) will be presented for the press and general public in Warsaw at the Hotel Radisson Blu Sobieski, Level VI, and room 602 with selected music pieces from various genres, using analog and digital sources. Our co-exhibitor, 72 Audio will provide the analog chain.

We cordially invite you for the product demonstrations. You may find further information, product images, and data sheets at our WEB-site at www.poporiacoustics.com and of course the product designers and the marketing manager will be at your disposal during the show.

In the good hope to have the pleasure to see you at our exhibition in Warsaw, we remain with