Wynn Audio At Toronto Audio Fest.

A few photos of Wynn Audio audio setupsat Toronto Audio Fest with Vimberb, Karan, Etreq, Goldmund, EMT, Crystal Cable, Metronome, etc. 

Equipment List:
  • Kalista DreamPlay XC SACD/CD Player
  • EMT 928 Turntable + 909-HI Tonearm + X-quisite GT Cartridge
  • Karan Acoustics PHONOa Phonostage
  • Karan Acoustics LINEa Preamp
  • Karan Acoustics POWERa Monoblock
  • Vimberg Tonda D Loudspeakers
  • All cabling from Crystal Cable Art Series
  • Component racks from Critical Mass Systems
  • Ground box from Entreq