Kaji Lab Mutech M-KANDA MC Cartridge.

Kaji Lab Mutech M-KANDA MC cartridge was developed by Mr. Eiji Kanda with his many years of experience and rich knowledge. The black rhodium coating, used for the first time in the industry, ensures pure sound quality. It is a single current-generating structure with the yoke removed, which is different from the general MC pickups, and an original core (SS -μM) inserted into the magnetic material neodymium #50.

The ultimate MC pickup was born when the special quality of this core material ((SS -μ M)) was fully exploited and remarkably low impedance was achieved and the power was increased.


  • Black rhodium plating for the first time in the industry.
  • Low impedance High output ( 0.5mV )with placing original Core(SS-μM) into the magnetic material Neodymium #50.
  • Removing Yoke, placing original Core (SS-μM) into the magnetic material Neodymium #50. (Ring Magnet structure)
  • Restraining magnetic distortion and Raising AC magnetic response.
  • The phase distortion is reduced to the limit because the current value to the voltage becomes so big that the impedance of the coil is small.
  • Small inner loss makes the sound stage is made clear.
  • Original custom made suspension wire made sound quality highly.


・Model : RM-KANDA
・Type : Yokeless ring magnet MC Cartridge
・Output voltage : 0.5mmV ( 1kHz, 3.54cm/sec)
・Tracking force range : 1.8~2.0g
・Frequency response : 10~45,000Hz
・Coil impedance : 2.0Ω
・Cross Talk : more28dB(1kHz)
・Chanel balance : less 0.5db(1kHz)
・Stylus : semi-line contact stylus 
・Cantilever : φ0.3mm nude boron 
・Weight : 9g
・Terminal : rhodium plating