Kudos Audio Liguid Amber Veneer For Titan Range.

Derek Gilligan, the founder and designer of Kudos Audio, the UK's leading Isobaric loudspeaker design and manufacturing specialist, today confirmed that Kudos would be adding a Liquid Amber finish to the Titan range.Liquid Amber will replace the Tineo finish as Tineo is becoming increasingly difficult to source responsibly. There is no price increase for Liquid Amber. Liquid Amber veneer is harvested from the Liquidambar styraciflua tree, which is native to the southeastern USA. 

Liquidambar is a relatively swift-growing hardwood with order to its harvesting to ensure sustainability. It does not appear in the CITES appendix. 

The veneer is finished with a soft sheen and hard-wearing lacquer to protect and enhance the wood's natural beauty.

Manufactured from a high-density HDF board chosen for its consistency, the core cabinet comprises varying thickness panels to control panel resonances. The side panels are attached using a propriety technique to manage energy transmission from the core cabinet into the outer side panel. These panels have a balancing veneer for optimal performance and consistency.

Derek Gilligan commented, "Liquid Amber was an excellent discovery after a long search to find a visually arresting and high-quality veneer that can be responsibly / sustainably sourced”. 
Kudos Titan Loudspeakers are available in four standard finishes: Walnut, Natural Oak, Black Oak, Liquid Amber

T505                Stand mount Loudspeaker including stand                 £9700.00                     €12896

T606                Floor standing Loudspeaker                                         £11400.00                     €14800

T707                Floor standing Loudspeaker                                         £17100.00                     €21750

T808                 Floor standing Loudspeaker                                        £28500.00                     €35995