Lyngdorf Millenium Mk III Upgrade.

Lyngdorf Audio writes: "Built to last – 20 years with Millenium Mk III amplifier 20 years ago, we launched the Millennium Mk III amplifier – our reference amplifier. It was the world's first true-digital power amplifier, where digital audio data is converted directly into sound without analog amplification or conventional low-level D/A conversion involved at any step." 

"As all our Lyngdorf products, the Millennium amplifier was built to last, imbued with a strength and longevity unseen in competing products.

Last chance to upgrade

"During the years, we have received and do still receive the Millennium Mk I/II for upgrades and in rare occasions also for service. Due to limited availability of parts and components, now it is time to announce the last round of upgrade possibility. So if you own one of our iconic first Millennium Mk I/II amplifiers and want to upgrade it, now it is time to contact your Lyngdorf dealer."