New Bonn NX Audiophile Network Switch.

Silent Angel employs an uncompromising approach towards designing and executing electronic circuits. Isolating, filtering and reducing noise preserves the integrity of the source and delivers a pure signal to connected components. As with all Silent Angel products, our objective is to ensure the device operates at a stable system voltage, sends precisely timed packets and reduces extraneous output noise. 

We have found that even the smallest enhancement can slightly improve sound quality and the implementation of many small enhancements can unleash the ultimate potential of High Resolution Streaming Networks. Bonn NX is the culmination of everything we have learned about engineering Audio-Grade Network Switches: it delivers the highest sonic performance currently available.

Unique and Advanced Designs

  • Eight richly gold-plated Gigabit Ethernet Ports feature critically spaced ports calculated to minimize potential signal interference.
  • Class-leading Radar-Grade internal switching power supply module, a technology exclusive to noise-sensitive acoustic equipment.
  • Perfectly timed data transmission.
  • TCXO (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator) greatly lowers network latency issues and jitter effects.
  • Brand new chassis design consists of two layers of different, carefully chosen materials: the inner layer is galvanized steel while the outer layer is thick, high-quality aluminum alloy. This extravagant construction maximizes shielding and control of eddy currents while damping vibration and noise. Sleek modern design adds great aesthetic appeal, making Bonn NX a functional work of audio art.

Advanced Options for Serious Audiophiles

  • 12V DC power jack bypasses the internal switching power module, enabling connection to an external linear power supply (Forester) for a significant performance upgrade.
  • Gold-plated ground connection terminal provides further noise reduction.
  • LED light switch enables users to turn off the port status indicator.
  • Class-leading clock receiving module allows external clock input.

Clock and Power Circuit

TCXO clock (25MHz):: Eliminates extraneous frequencies and generates a pure and precise clocking signal. High precision, ultra-low phase-noise signal output as the clock source for our Ethernet switch system.

Power source circuit for TCXO clock: Utilizes multi-stage power filter technology, removing crosstalk and noise at different frequencies 10MHz, 100MHz and 1GHz and feeding purified power to the TCXO module.

Power source circuit for switch system: Ultra-low-noise voltage regulator circuit, capable of processing wide dynamic range power. Features highly-efficient circuit design and fast response time. Powered by TPS56623x series which maintains lower output ripple under ALL load conditions.

AC power filter circuit: High isolation common mode choke circuit for AC power input prevents noise pollution from AC power sources such as other network-connected devices or power systems.

Exclusive, customized Silent Angel power module: Wide dynamic range AC to DC power module. Stable, low-ripple noise, secure protection circuit, well-covered by an alumni heat sink.
Connect to the optional linear power supply. DC Jack for external 12V DC LPS.
Receiving the external clock input port (gold-plated, at 25MHz).
Internal/external clock selector switch.

Vibration Damping Isolators

Crafted of solid, high purity stainless steel, Silent Angel’s S28 Resonance Control Feet damp mechanical energy from both internal and external sources, reducing mechanical and electrical noise, static electricity, etc. The result is improved dynamics and an increased resolution of fine detail.

Designed for HD Music Streaming

The Bonn NX creates a dedicated HiFi zone to effectively isolate your audio devices from other digital traffic, thereby eliminating noise and transmitting data with extreme timing accuracy. Implementing an isolated “Network Ecosystem” for audio eliminates degradation from the storm of network interference and latency issues caused by bandwidth-intensive activities from PCs and other connected devices.

Exclusive Clock Module, TCXO: Silent Angel's TCXO (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator) is more precise than the Crystal Clocks found in other network switches, lowering latency issues and jitter effects.

Jitter Effect Improvement: Distortion is a common byproduct of transmitting high-frequency network packets. Bonn NX lowers jitter to 369ps whereas typical switches present at 705ps.

Optimized For Hi-Res Music Applications

  • Optimized for Roon infrastructure; for example, supporting a network composed of Rhein Z1 as a Roon Core server or Munich M1 as a Roon Ready player.
  • Optimized for high-resolution streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and more.
  • Optimized for playing music collections from NAS (Network Attached Storage). Works well with multiple brands including QNAP, Synology, WD NAS.
  • Further Upgrades

Power Source

Connect Bonn NX to Silent Angel’s Forester F2 linear power supply (supplying dual 12 volt DC outputs) to further improve power delivery and stability.