New Connected Fidelity Float 30 Isolation Puck Range.

The Connected Fidelity Float range of isolation pucks now includes pucks for heavier items and for use on carpeted floors – introducing the Float 30 range, and more. Float was launched with a range of pucks to use under components weighing less than 30 Kilos, and perfectly suited for use under all but the heaviest turntables, streamers, amplifiers and stand mount loudspeakers. 

To offer Float for use under heavier components such as racks and floor standing loudspeakers, we have launched the ‘Float 30’ range, isolation pucks developed so each puck is capable of working under a load up to 30 Kilos, offering a maximum total loading of 120 Kilos over 4 pucks (90 Kilos over three).

The main difference between Float and Float 30 pucks is the use of three chrome steel spheres instead of POM (very hard plastic) spheres on the top and bottom faces. The POM spheres are excellent in use with lighter components, offering a ‘damping’ effect to the aluminium Float material construction, but may potentially distort over time if used under heavy components. The Float 30 chrome steel spheres do not quite offer the same damping effect, but under higher loads this does not seem to be as critical.

As the new Float 30 pucks are designed for use under racks, floor loudspeakers, sub-base units, large power amplifiers etc., it has been essential to offer a solution in this range for use on carpeted floors (with minimum damage to the carpet!), so we have developed the ‘Carpet Float’ option, a Float 30 with spikes, to push through the carpet and sit on the solid floor beneath.

Along with the M6 and M8 threaded connectors, there is now a spike ‘shoe’ retaining option, so components already fitted with integral spikes can be mounted directly onto the Float pucks. The entire Float range is offered in silver and black colour-ways.

There is also a Float spike protector set (spike shoe floor protector) available, for use on solid floors or platforms. Whilst these are not ‘isolating’ as per the puck design, they do offer improved fidelity over using spikes directly, and prevent ‘spike damage’.

Set of 4 Float 30 pucks, complete with a set of 4 coasters: £399.00p Set of 4 Carpet Float 30 pucks: £399.00

Set of 4 Float spike shoes: £139.00 Ph: +44(0)1491 629629 web: