Davis Acoustics Courbet n°8 Speakers.

Davis Acoustics La Courbet n° 8 is a 3-way loudspeaker with 3 exceptional speakers, all three manufactured in our production site in Troy (10-Aube); the brand new fabric dome tweeter, dual decompression, the Medium Speaker of the Olympia one master (Diapason d’or 2016), a very fast and highly defined 21 cm “Carbon” speaker; designed specifically for the product. This Courbet n°8 will fill large rooms with a level of definition and musicality very rarely encountered in a three-way loudspeaker of this size, even at a very high volume.

A little bigger, it remains very slender and futuristic on the whole line. The largest column in the range is characterized by very wide bandwidth and ease of implementation. Its good efficiency, its filter splitter with very high-end components allows numerous combinations of electronics.

Let yourself be surprised by the qualities of this product.