Pachanko Labs Constellation Masterpiece.

Pachanko Labs Constellation Masterpiece flagship model including High-End components, internal wires, fully optimized OS and a unique dedicated linear power supply. This server is equiped with a Intel CPU with 16 core, 24 Threads and 32 GB RAM industrial custom modules for best latency and data transfer. 

  • Chassis : Fanless design, Aluminium anodized case, completely passive cooled for silent operation improving resonance control and heat dissipation
  • CPU : 16 core, 24 Threads CPU with a Red copper Fanless cooling system, no mechanical vibration
  • Ram : Four 8GB custom industrial modules for 32GB in total
  • System : Custom Windows 10 OS, Fully tweaked BIOS, Ultralow Jitter and very low latency. Audio Real Time Process Control (ARTPC)
  • Audio Output : Select your output USB/SPDIF/BNC/AES/i2S bridge  (Please mention which output you need)
  • Storage : PCIe SSD with OS, Music SSD storage is an option up to 32TB 
  • Audio Formats supported : WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, DSD, MQA supported audio formats
  • Software : Roon music management, Diretta, Roon, HQplayer, JPLAY playback software (Customer choice)
  • Connections : External connections consist of 5 USB ports, 2 LAN ports, SFP port (Optional) 
  • Power Input : Speakon DC
  • Power Supply : 2 boxes, a true linear Power supply unit with dual  500 VA pure silver O-Core power transformer, a Precision unit with 890.000uF Duelend and Mundorf capacitors, Teflon board and Coper base plate for damping and isolation
  • Remote Access : Remote setup and maintenance
  • Colour Options : Silver and Black
  • Dimensions :  Server is 435 x 319 x 100mm (W x D x H, 109mm including feet), Power supply 2x 430 x 340 x 92mm (W x D x H)