Ultra Transparent Experience Program.

Transparent Audio writes: "Have you ever wondered what Transparent cabling would sound like in your system, but you haven’t been able to connect with a Transparent dealer to try them out?  Perhaps you’ve hesitated to try Transparent because you have already invested in other brands of cables. If you had the chance, would you still like to try Transparent?" 

The ULTRA Transparent Experience Audition Kit is a limited-time offer to experience  ULTRA Interconnects and ULTRA Speaker Cables in your home system.

ULTRA Audio Cables bring top level performance, that can only be bettered by our custom-calibrated products at the REFERENCE and above levels, while offering exceptional value and compatibility with a wide variety of components and speakers.

ULTRA features highly-refined network technology enclosed in beautiful, machined acrylic modules filled with noise damping epoxy to keep out vibrations.

ULTRA Audio Cables have universal calibration and are a great way to show you the potential of any  upgraded premium system. They deliver solidity and refinement at the frequency extremes, fleshed out instrumental timbres, dynamic nuances and extremes, a more realistic perspective of instruments playing in 3-dimensional space, and a greater sense of the scale and acoustic properties of performance spaces. If your system is currently lacking in any of these qualities, a Transparent ULTRA audition may be just the solution to recover what you might be missing from your home music listening experiences.
Dealer participation may vary. Available only in the US and Canada.

You ca read more about the ULTRA Collection here.