Artisan Silver Cables Nth Degree XLR NCF Edition.

Back in September this year, Artisan Silver Cables announced that their flagship pure silver cables The Nth Degree would receive an upgrade with the fitting of Furutech’s new NCF version of their flagship RCA plugs. At the time, the first supplies from Furutech Japan of the XLR equivalent of these connectors had not yet arrived in the UK. They have now arrived, allowing the upgraded XLR version to be announced. These NCF XLR connectors feature Furutech’s patented Nano Crystal Formula – an advanced damping material + various other tweaks to the design.

Artisan claim that a new level of resolution and quality has been achieved: “you hear deeper into every texture but always in a very music-friendly way...we’re delighted with the results”. All due to the Furutech design’s ruthless approach to rejecting noise and interference combined with the vibration-reducing qualities of the NCF damping material.

The prices for the new The Nth Degree XLR NCF Edition remain the same as the previous version.