New Eryk S Concept Lusso Speakers.

The new (EUR 45k) Eryk S Concept Lusso Limited Edition speakers were designed from the ground up to offer something special and unique. For example, the speaker's side bass reflex was inspired by the side vents of the Mercedes Gullwing, and there are many other details that supercar and classic car enthusiasts will recognize. Lusso was envisioned as a unique collector's item, inspired by the emotions that the best cars evoke. 

The Power

We pushed the limits of sound pressure, which Lusso generates without noticeable limitations, as great engines push their power limits in rpms and materials temperature capacity. The 200 Watts of music peak is at your disposal in any second.

The Speed

High power cars are extremely fast. Their acceleration to given speed is counted in few seconds but Our Lusso speaker is faster than this! Lusso's full impulse response counts in milliseconds, being the quickest in transient music peaks reproduction.

The Weight

Supercars minimum mass is the crucial aspect in road grip and quick accelerations. So the same goes with Lusso. Super light membranes, weighting frictions of a gram will put your ear in full space of multi-dimensional sound.

Cosmic technology

Modern technology combine classic materials like wood, leather, veneer with new-tech carbon, kevlar or ceramic. The Lusso gets is all in one package: super rigid wooden structure of the cabinet, finished in hand crafted top veneer constructed in sun energy like patterns. cosmic class materials for speaker's drivers like ceramic and beryllium membranes, motorised by top grade strong neodymium magnets to gain lowest energy loss.

The Performance

Now it's prime time to combine all them:

> frequency response/dB vs hp/Nm engine characteristics 
> engine's pistons excursion levels vs speaker's membrane (being a piston for the air) max linear excursion 
> car speed/time vs speakers Impulse/time

The air resistance coefficient

aerodynamics play key role in any performance design. Same applies to our Lusso: special passive membrane/bass-reflex system enables for super linear air flow in lowest, bass octaves of the speaker - less air friction means full energy of sound impact. Additionally front of Lusso has been curved in four directions with different angles optimised to enable full sound wave dispersion characteristics.

The craftsmanship

So many times companies display profound statements in this key matter. Happily we are not a company, we are the crazy guys who love to create and bring you all the good emotions from these luxury creations. As being top execs in international corporations we have finally stepped down and moved directly towards each client with our addictive audio & car passion. After many years of constant kaizen approach in design methods we have gathered one of the best experts in parts development: woodwork for speaker cabinets, marquetry work with veneer, painting shop, components selection and approving, advanced material working from metal forming to most rigid ceramic structure development. Top selected european suppliers work fo us.


Lusso’s 17cm ceramic woofer with double sized voicecoil for high heat capacity, powered with top grade neodymium ring type magnet.

Tweeter - ultralight 0.02 g ribbon membrane, super strong neodymium-strontium magnets. All this to achieve top performance in sound.
  • Power 200Watt
  • Efficiency 89dB
  • Frequency: 25Hz-30kHz
  • Dimensions (h/w/d): 96/22/39 cm


take them, if you admire superb comfort, modern style combined with a perfect craftsmanship. Front made of exotic veneers.


if you demand top parameters, hi-tech materials, and dynamic appearance with a pinch of aggressiveness
Front made of carbon fibre.


goes always in pair with good old taste, when you look for the perfect recipe of subtle and noble appearance, grown from years of experience and passion. Front made of genuine leather.


We are fully committed to what we do. Our background goes from home audio diy world, automotive market, to sales & marketing consulting. Having twenty five years of experience in home audio design, considering variety of forms and engineering aspects we have developed and tested huge amount of sound reproduction concepts, shapes, materials and style as for home and car interiors.

We come from a different backgrounds but we both share love to beautiful cars and good music. This shared passion led us toward each other making outstanding audio equipment. 25 years of experience in home audio design made us confident in breaking audiophile schemes. We are designers, engineers, managers, we are creating outstanding forms to bring luxury car experience to your living room.


Push the boundaries of imagination towards sky rocketing, breathtaking sensual emotions. Life is about experiencing the greatest emotional moments which are deeply remembered afterwards. Thanks to our senses, we can experience them fully, feeling the speed, hearing, seeing, touching - it is like an aesthetic form of experiencing a work, a moment. A car itself combines all of them, hearing the engine boost, experiencing the comfort and acceleration, watching people glancing through your trendy or classic vehicle of a sublime design. Being single or not, the fast forward escaping, wonderful car design will always make you hot in other people mind.

We want to keep your senses attracted all the time, for hours, days in your modern or classic home’s interior. Why not to bring beautiful car elements into your house, making them superbly sounding, reminding you of your car collection till the end of time.

The Lusso from now on will be your point of reference in home audio art design. We bring something new to the table, instead of high-endish heavy looking boxy speakers we want you to experience the privilege of uniqueness.


Lusso stands for unique mix of luxury & sport cars elements combined in one top sounding source of art. All this with trully high-end tech approach and most of all the quality of sound reproduction, which will in an everlasting manner blow your mind…

For this experience you were looking for a long time… Our insane craftsmanship combined with top engineered sound quality, shaped in luxury cars inspirations.