New Subbase Vividus Zwo.

Subbase Audio writes: "An audio system by its technology already generates errors that affect the signal. These disturbances occur as high frequency. In most cases, filters are used to reduce this disturbance. Our Vividus zwo resolves high frequency interference in the devices themselves. The technology we use for this is called Vividus technology. The potential currents of the electrical audio components are not filtered, they are regulated. Vividus preserves the full energy of the system, but ensures that there are no more high frequencies in the system. In this way, for the first time, we hear a system free of stress caused by disturbances in the potential currents.

In conjunction with our own interconnect cables, Vividus zwo provides an alternative potential equalization path and harmonizes the currents. A fantasic addition is also our Composant S device base, when connected to our own Vividus zwo. Pure music, no irritations!

We are looking for a distributor in the USA and look forward to your interest.