ppfff Paragon PANDORA Speakers.

ppfff writes: "PANDORA symbolizes the vision of an emotional awakening where the intimate is revealed through the prism of myth... Acoustic design goes back to the fundamentals of physics, a time loop made possible by the use of the most extreme modern techniques joining old-school principles."

PANDORA redefines the quintessence of passionate intensity: no lie charms her, no audacity frightens her, no challenge thwarts her; holistic beauty where everything harmonizes so that nothing can be added, omitted, or changed, PANDORA stimulates the thrill of the forbidden towards a delicious pleasure.

Thanks to contours and lines, technologies without ostentation at the sole service of the result, PANDORA pushes back all the limits, and opens sensory perceptions to the great eternal musical spaces.

- Composite walls (5 materials) for dispersion of vibration modes
• Damping by sandblasted cavity
• Mechanical asymmetry for dispersion of resonance modes
• Diffraction control
- Mechanical referencing of the structure by hard points
• Composite base for three-point mechanical flow
- 8" unfiltered main transducer, AINiCo motor made in Germany on specifications
- Energy support transducers with Neodynium motor surface equivalent to an 18"
• Tightening of the main loudspeaker via inert material
• Wedging without pressure of the cylinder head
• Absolue Creations internal wiring
Tim-Ref “+”
• Crossover  filter components selected from
from Jantzen, Mundorf, Duelund
• ETI Eichmann connectors
• Lacquered finish. Caps: NC.
Composite parts: NC
• Design optimized for 3 supports
Franc Audio Fat
• Efficiency: 95dB/W/m
• Impedance: 6 ohms
• Dimensions: 1270 (1330) × 625 (690)
× 300 (397) (with stand)
• Weight: 85 kg/unit
• French made