Simplicity Control Room At ISSE2022.

The Simplicity Control room at ISSE2022 gathered a premium selection of high-end audio components. The complete list is below... 

- Goebel Marquis 
- Goebel Sovereign subwoofer 
- Pilium Olympus Pre Amp
- Pilium Zeus Power Amp 
- Taiko Extreme Server
- EMMlabs DV2 & TX2
- Kronos Discovery With Discovery RS tonearm
- J Sikora Reference with KV12 Max
- DS Audio Grandmaster
- KECES IRQP-1500 for both analog & digital 
- P28 & P6 LPS
- full Albedo Silver includes Metamorphosis Speaker cable, Metamorphic Signature XLR, G3, and G2 power cords.
- Horns rack
- Stacore platform includes amp stand, Advance, Basic, and Roller.