SteinMusic Highline Bobby S.

The ultimate version of SteinMusic Highline Bobby S. The Horn is made of 40 years dried mahogany and milled from one solid piece. These speakers convince with their unique and natural warm tone and a balanced high frequency. 

The basic idea was to build a coherent and relaxed sounding hornloudspeaker with an excellent impulse response.
For the high frequencies we have been choosing horns as they allow a perfect adaption of the diaphragm movement to the air.
We found that this significantly increases low level information, compared to a speaker moving the air directly.
The idea here was not to increase the efficiency by using compression drivers.
For our taste this often tends to result in a somewhat thin and harsh sound.
Many years of development have been spent into the perfect matching between horns and drivers, to achieve maximum finesse of sound.
An excellent frequency response, linear phase and perfect transient response for us are essential basics to create a good sounding speaker.