All DHT Amplification by Thomas Mayer.

Like many music lovers, Thomas Mayer arrived at vacuum tube amplification at some point in his life. From there the next step was to discover the magic of directly heated triodes (DHTs) and among those especially triodes with thoriated tungsten filaments. Once Mayer settled for DHTs as the output tube of choice, the next logical step was to extend the use of them to the driver position in the power amp and ultimately to the preamp.

That led to the development of Thomas Mayer 10Y line stage range which spans all the way back to the late 1990ies when he built the very first prototype. Back then this was solely for his own use and as a hobby.

Now about 25 years later the 10Y preamp is a corner stone of Thomas Mayer product offering and together with the 801A drive 300B power amps. The entry level to all DHT amplification from line level to speakers.

Not only is this combo only using directly heated triodes in the 3 amplification stages from line source to speaker. But since the introduction of the ELROG ER300B, purely with thoriated tungsten filaments throughout the signal path.

Furthermore with the use of input, interstage and volume control transformers no coupling capacitors in the signal path and no resistors. For an uninhibited musical flow.