New AX Horn AXJET PRO Speakers.

AX Horn writes: "THE MUSICIAN’S SPEAKER! From AX Horn Loudspeakers. AT LAST! Hear your music the way you imagined it. The ultimate playback monitor... from rock to classical, loud or soft, point-source, full-range, flat response, no x-over, no distortion, incredibly fast transient dynamics and breathtakingly realistic. For years, at AX Horn Loudspeakers we have pursued the “holy grail” of a compound, front and rear loaded, horn speaker driven by a single full- range driver." 

Continued developments with the AXSUPERJET and AER drivers in Stuttgart have produced remarkably efficient speakers with very flat response. Although the AXSUPERJET is superb in a domestic environment with sub-woofer for the bottom octave below 70hz, the elusive lowest frequencies have been beyond the ability of the single driver. Short of making separate huge PA style bass horns, it has always proved difficult to achieve very low frequencies at the same dynamic levels as the AXJET... until now!

We have had so many requests from studios and musicians to get those low notes that we have had to wrack our brains to achieve the physics... and now we have done it! We have built a tapped horn into the AXSUPERJET with an aluminium bass driver powered by its own integral sub amplifier to give full power across the complete audio spectrum at huge decibel levels.

This is the new “holy grail”. Welcome to the AXJET PRO.