New La Rosita Audio System.

The new La Rosita audio system is a purist concept that uses only audiophile-grade components such as GOTO drivers, etc. Each system can be color customized and will be installed by La Rosita anywhere in Europe. There are many possible combinations in terms of preamplification and amplification. 

  • Tweeter: GOTO
  • Midrange: GOTO
  • Bass: FERTIN
"La Rosita can be considered a generalist manufacturer, even if each element manufactured in our workshops can be integrated into all installations. We made a name for ourselves by offering the first audio servers with resolution CD and wireless (2004). Today we are widely known for having successfully made the transition to High Definition.

We offer 32 bits and 384 kHz resolution, but we are also Roon Ready and Roon Certified and our digital front end is compatible with all online music platforms, whether Qobuz, Tidal or Apple, and many more.