New RDacoustic Silentmax3D Absorber.

RDacoustic introduces Silentmax3D sound-absorbing panels. Made from recycled PET, they are extremely durable and maintenance-free. Silentmax3D is a kit. Easy assembly, low shipping costs. 

Acoustic comfort

Reduce echo and noise in a modern and simple way with the Silentmax3D acoustic panel. It is proven that noise has an adverse effect on human health. A large echo reduces concentration, the voice or the spoken word is difficult to distinguish. Listening to the spoken word in an environment with a lot of reverberation (reverberation time) is tiring and exhausting.

Improve the acoustics in modern interiors

In modern apartments, acoustics are often neglected, which have a major impact on the psychological well-being inside the living space. A long reverberation time impairs the clarity and intelligibility of not only music, but of course also speech, as well as impairs the spatial localization of hearing. In modern living spaces, there is usually a lack of acoustically absorbing materials. In minimalist designed interiors without carpets, they are sadly missing.

Reverberation time is the main acoustic parameter. It can be measured fairly easily and should range from 0.2 to 0.5 seconds. An overly damped space has an oppressive effect, on the contrary, in an undamped space, a noticeable echo can be heard, for example the unpleasant reverberation of a spoon clinking. 

The reverberation time can be regulated by a number of soft, acoustically absorbing materials, such as thick curtains, carpets, upholstered furniture covered with fabric and the like.