New Tacet SACD Gustav Mahler.

This is not the ninth 5th, but still the fifth 9th symphony by András Keller with Concerto Budapest on TACET! After Bruckner, Dvořák, Shostakovich and Schubert (it now counts as the 8th), now Mahler. An impressive testament to the range of this unusual orchestra and its unique conductor. Certainly there are countless other recordings, also very good, of these last finished symphonies of great composers. 

However, I find that Keller's interpretations, with his unconditional will to express in detail, can compete with any, even the best known. 

  • Gustav Mahler
  • Symphony no. 9 (1910)
  • Concerto Budapest
  • András Keller
  • SACD (total playing time 79:04) 
  • Order no.: 0254-4 
  • Barcode: 40 09850 025443

Inspiring Tube Sound

Recordings of that repertoire in TACET Real Surround Sound are completely new. They bring to light previously hidden beauties and place the listener in the middle of the music. This also allows you to hear these works in a completely new way.