New Vera-Fi Series One A50 Amplifier.

A few images of brand new and upcoming XSA-Labs Vera-Fi Series One A50 Class A amplifier amplifiers. "The heart of the amplifier is a 40W true Class A amp (never operates outside of Class A) designed by Hugh Dean based on the Alpha Nirvana amp topology which provides a beautiful harmonic profile, clean and clear sound with low distortion, slamming bass from low negative feedback circuit, and a background that is absolutely quiet and noise free for the blackest of black notes."

"Chassis is CNC machined from thick aerospace grade aluminum and finished in a satin and luxuriously rich anodized texture. Large heatsink radiator fins and hidden handles in the corner structures provide clean lines but maintain practicality. Large analog VU meters provide information on amplifier power and operation at a glance. 

Most of all though, the Alpha Nirvana topology makes your toes want to tap, and your heart race, and your brain feel like it has fallen in love with your music collection all over again."