Odeon Audio Carnegie Speakers.

A pair of Carnegie horn speakers from Odeon Audio found their new home in a high-end audio system combined with dCS Vivaldi digital stack and Octave Audio electronics, etc. 

" We want to make listening to music an emotional experience that captivates the listener. To achieve this, dynamics, tonality and resolution must be reproduced lifelike by the loudspeakers. The concept of the horn loudspeaker is ideally suited for this because the horn provides mechanical relief to the tweeters and mid-range drivers. This means that the drivers cone motion is reduced while providing the same volume. This allows for the driver to process the signal faster. The result is a higher efficiency design which makes it possible to use low-power amplifiers. A cost saving option for many end users maximizing their return on investment. At the same time horns provide increased dynamics make listening to music a moving, realistic experience."