Degritter MARK II Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Degritter writes: "We have received a lot of questions asking what kind of difference in the cleaning results can be expected from the MARK I and MARK II Degritter Ultrasonic cleaning. To illustrate, here is a teaser post of the "aluminium foil test" comparing Heavy washing cycles of the MARK I and MARK II machines."  

"We will soon release a blog post explaining the differences in detail and also explaining what can and what cannot be deducted from this kind of tests. 

No need to be aftaid - the aluminium foil test is a basic way of assessing ultrasonic cleaners. What you see here are holes in the thin foil, that have been caused by the vibrations. The plastic in vinyl will not be affected by the ultrasonic cleaning in the same manner  We are currently working together with TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology to further assess the safety of ultrasonic cleaning. This in addition to the tests we did a few years back. We will soon release these findings as well."