Eor Art Quark & Boson.

Eor Art writes: "You will have noticed that the Simple Quark, Quark and Boson amplifiers are all integrated. Even the monophonic Bosons that are unique of kind!" 

Here are a few of our arguments:

-An integrated audio signal provides the shortest time between the preamp input and the amplifier output.
-The same power can be available in an integrated unit of considerable dimensions and in extreme cases a part of the power can always be moved in an external cabinet. The integrity of weak signals remains more secure in the main enclosure if not single, than in solutions with preamp and separate amp in multiple enclosures.
-More control over the overall amplification solution and a better association planned from the design phase.
-One modulation cable and one or two (if monos) less power cables 
-possibility to balance the resulting harmonics by making sure to introduce tubes where they bring the best without the usual defects: the weak signal of the preamplifier section
-significantly reduce the number of connectors and fuses that the power supply must pass, do the same for audio signal connectors. It mainly improves the integrity of the signal.
-A metal case, instead of two or three, can divert the manufacturing, packaging and shipping budget from additional products to a higher quality scheme: more and better components.
-And many others.