New AudioNautes AN-2201- AN-2202 LP Box Sets.

AudioNautes Recordings announces the new box sets AN -2201 and AN -2202 LP. "The AN -2201 is a 3 LP release of Cantate Domino. In this special boxset, there will be 3 LPs: 1 with the 33rpm version and 2 with the first 45rpm version of this title. The AN -2202 is a 3 LP version of Jazz at the Pawnshop. In this case, 2 LPs feature the complete 33rpm version of the tapes, while the third is a selection of 4 tracks in 45rpm! 

After the very special limited edition UHQCD and Master Tape Edition, it's now time to set the highest standards on vinyl as well. 

These vinyl records were cut by Scott Hull at Masterdisk and pressed at Optimal (Germany). Many mothers and recuts were necessary to get the best results!