New Network Acoustics Muon Pro Network Cables.

Network Acoustics brings its professional 1Gb/s streaming system to the home audio market. The team at Network Acoustics are mad about noise, by which they mean they hate it. Their aim is to eliminate the noise from streaming systems and thus allow those systems to reveal the full glory of the music. With its multi-award-winning Eno and Muon ethernet filters and streaming cables, Network Acoustics has repeatedly redefined the level of performance customers can expect from their networked music systems.

Fuelled by the belief that there is always more that can be done, the Network Acoustics team are constantly developing and innovating, so it is no surprise that with the launch of the Muon Pro Ethernet Filter and Streaming Cable, they’re raising the bar again.
Originally developed as a special-order product for mastering engineer customers, the Muon Pro Ethernet Filter and Streaming Cable are now available for home audio users who require a 1GB/s connection. Handmade in the UK, the Muon Pro Ethernet Filter and Streaming Cable showcase Network Acoustics’ latest innovations in construction techniques and noise-rejecting design.
“Muon Pro represents the very best ethernet filter and streaming cable we can make. The lift in performance it brings is anything but subtle, instead it’s more in line with what you’d expect to hear with a significant DAC upgrade.” says Network Acoustics co-founder Rob Osbourn. “With Muon Pro connected to your streaming device, you can now realise the potential of streaming as the ultimate source for music playback.”
Individually the Muon Pro Ethernet Filter and Streaming Cable each deliver class-leading performance, but for those who want the absolute best, Network Acoustics recommends using the two together. The Muon Pro Streaming System bundle consisting of both components offers a 20% saving on the combined price.
With its 30-day, no-quibble money back guarantee, and free express shipping worldwide, Network Acoustics invites customers to test its confident claims risk-free and hear the results for themselves.

  • muon pro Streaming System (Ethernet Filter & 1.5m Streaming Cable): £1829.17 
  • muon pro Ethernet Filter: £1329.17
  • muon pro Streaming Cable: £995.83 
*For UK customers only, 20% VAT is added to these prices at the point of purchase. 

About Network Acoustics

Network Acoustics is a digital-first audio electronics company set up by two music-loving audio engineers on a mission, to design products that make streamed music sound as good as it possibly can.
Network Acoustics believe streamed music can sound better than records or CDs, but only by eliminating the unwanted interference that is transmitted into sensitive audio systems via Ethernet, USB, and other digital connections.
Network Acoustic’s Ethernet filters and digital cables are designed exclusively for high quality audio reproduction.