The STEALTH Audio Dream V.18 Speaker Cable.

Stealth Audio Cables writes: "The STEALTH Audio Dream V.18 Speaker Cable. Ten individual variable cross-section runs along the Dream V.18 cable (STEALTH VariCross) - designed to improve impedance matching between the source (power amp) and the receiving end (loudspeaker) - which considerably improved midbass and deep bass performance, without any compromise whatsoever in the midrange and treble definition and clarity." 

"The diameter of the conductive core varies along the length of the cable, while the outer diameter of the jacketed cable remains the same, and thus the cross-section of the cables changes along the cable. This technique - which is absolutely impossible to make using a machine, and quite difficult to make by hand - is worth the effort because it dramatically improves the cable resonance characteristics and behavior via effectively lowering the "Q" at ALL resonance frequencies - which results in a better overall tonal balance, lower any coloration of the sound, and improves perceived clarity.

The silver Spades at the ends of the cable are made in house, by hand."