Totaldac ADD And DDD Accordion Recording Downloads.

Totaldac writes: "A recording session has been made in January 2023 in the new Totaldac auditorium. Thank you to Christian Basset who played the accordion. Two microphones are used in a far field, about 2m away from the musician, then the signal is recorded in parallel on an analog master tape (AAA) and in a digital file (DDD)."

"Later the analog recording was also copied to another digital file (ADD) but using the same Analog to Digital converter.

These recordings will allow you to:
  • enjoy this piece of music!
  • evaluate the Totaldac recording system.
  • listen to how neutral the acoustics of the Totaldac auditorium is.
  • compare the digital recording (DDD) and the analog + digital recording (ADD).
  • evaluate your system.
This recording will be used in Totaldac room F123 next Munich High-End show."

You can download the 96KHz/24 files here:

ADD file:

DDD file: