Esoteric Pro Audio Caravaggio Amplifier.

Esoteric Pro Audio writes: "Caravaggio Hybrid Amplifier exists in two versions, stereo 700 W per channel into 4 Ohms and dual mono 1400 W into 8 Ohms. The circuitry is proprietary in Class D, the particular care in the mastering of the cards makes it extremely performing and silent, it is powered by 3 power supplies, one switching for the power and two ultra linear for the low voltages dedicated to the buffers, hence the name Hybrid, all the boards on board have the characteristic of having golden tracks on all the layers. The ultra-linear power supply part mounts dedicated transformers for each voltage made to our specifications." 

"Particular attention was paid to the choice of capacitors for filtering the switching power supply, essential for the timbre setting of the device and for the ability to reproduce transients in all their amplitude.

The internal wiring is handmade using pure monocrystalline copper insulated in Teflon, ideal for not having losses in the transport of currents and signals.

 The frame is built with 3 different materials, graphite, aluminum and stainless steel all damped with anti-vibration material, effective in controlling vibrations and consequently limiting artificial colors so that the sound is perceived neutral, precise and rich in natural harmonics." 
  • 1 Double stage AC / DC power supply designed to power class D amplifiers.
  • High efficiency first stage for a TRUE Power Factor Converter.
  • Second stage LLC topology with fast control loop to promptly supply power to the amplifiers.
  • 2 Ultra linear power supplies with separate toroidal transformers for low voltage
  • 3mm aluminum frame coupled on base and front in 20mm high density graphite
  • High purity monocrystalline copper wiring
  • Low power consumption: 300W (thermal) at maximum power.

Technical specifications