New Suesskind Kronos MK2 Flagship Speakers.

The new Joachim Gerhard Suesskind Kronos MK2 flagship speakers (68,000 EUR) feature AirBass 2 system and beryllium midrange and tweeter drivers. 

"Joachim Gerhard The hi-fi press calls him "the magician." Joachim Gerhard is a world-renowned and innovative veteran of the high-end industry and is considered one of the best living audio electronics developers in the world. 

He established his reputation with legendary successes in Audio Physic such as the loudspeakers "STEP", "SPARK", "TEMPO", "VIRGO", "AVANTI", "MEDEA", "CALDERA" and "KRONOS". Many of his ideas found their way into technical manuals and scientific papers or were later incorporated into other brands' products.

He is also a Visiting Fellow at the University of Essex, where he has conducted research on psychoacoustics with Professor Malcolm Hawksford."


  • Substantial sound sculpture with a deep and clear foundation. This is the due to the AirBass 2 system.
  • High sensitivity: 91dB at 8 ohms.
  • Perfect for a large room.
  • Beryllium drivers for the mids and highs ensure very high detail resolution and soundstage.