New Bassocontinuo LE MANS REVOLUTION X Rack

Bassocontinuo writes: "2023 Is a very important year for us and for that reason full of surprises. Our company just had 15 year birthday and the first step Is a brand new LE MANS edition available for REVOLUTION X. A very much appreciated finishing In the years before when the former Revolution 2.0 represented our best of the best In terms of technology applied at rack's Industry."

"All technical features remain the same to keep REVOLUTION X the upmost performance rack on the market. REVOLUTION X is fully tested by an independent laboratory to achieve the perfection, defining AEON X the best product ever made by us.

Carbon fibre structure was coupled with a frame wrapped with genuine leather, handmade sewed. To complete material's mix, centre panel is fully matte black (O gloss), fancy matched, for a simply stunning result.

LE MANS development it wasn't absolutely easy and the first macroscopic difference is in the shelf structure: into the first edition wooden made, nowadays with a very high percentage of composite materials, to keep unchanged technical and sonic features of the main RACING BLACK edition (full carbon).

Final result is more than we expected and we proudly affirm that LE MANS is one of our most refined, classy, sofisticated finishing ever made during these hard and long 15 years."