NEOHIGHEND writes: "These are the new CERADISC series, anti-vibration ceramic pads. The CERADISC series includes six models. Starting with the smallest CERADISC 45 and CERADISC 45 C, followed by CERADISC 50 and CERADISC 70, the series is rounded off by the largest CERADISC 80 and CERADISC 80 QR."

"Thanks to their construction and the materials used, they will offer you an improved listening experience.

After installing CERADISC, a clearing of the entire spectrum is noticeable while maintaining the lower frequencies.

Spatiality is improved, and musical instruments and the human voice are made even more defined.

CERADISC can be installed directly under audio components, under loudspeakers, and last but not least under audio racks.
NEO CERADISC is made in a combination of hard and precision machined stainless steel and extremely hard ceramic balls.

With these materials, we can guarantee original qualities, unchanged functionality, and character for many decades."