PBN Audio Phono Preamplifier

Peter Noerbaek - PBN Audio writes: "I have toyed with this idea for a while, an op-amp phono preamp without a capacitor in the output.  Les Bordelon and I did a concept phono/line / IV converter based upon specific made-for-audio OP Amps - in this initial prototype, I've chosen the OPA 627. In place of the DC blocking output cap, we installed a DC Servo - which works incredibly well."  

"While it does not have the lucid transparency of the legendary Toshiba J74/K170 JFETS it’s quite enjoyable. Another special feature of this is a fully regulated +/- 18 VDC linear power supply. This can basically be used as a phono preamp, a line-level preamp, and a DAC with appropriate ancillary components. Will investigate this further."