Audionostrum Jupiter Speakers

Audionostrum  writes: "Like the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter loudspeakers are the grandest in our collection, towering at six feet tall and boasting an imposing presence. Specifically designed for medium to large rooms, Jupiter loudspeakers offer an unmatched audio experience that is sure to captivate and inspire."

The Jupiter's exceptional performance is due to its advanced technology. With drivers featuring Alnico motor and pure Beryllium membranes, this loudspeaker delivers unmatched dynamics, realism, and emotion. The patented ODS (orbital driver system) provides unparalleled naturalness at high frequencies, while the innovative horn geometry based on fluid mechanics adds to its flawless precision.

At the heart of the Jupiter is a high-performance 15-inch woofer, which is a top-class driver. The massive enclosure, made of different materials, ensures maximum precision and performance. The crossover is specially designed for the ODS system, using first-class components, while metal parts are crafted with surgical quality steel. 

With a performance of 97db 1wat at one meter and recommended amplification from 20 to 500 watts, the Jupiter is a true powerhouse. We could go on and on about the unique features of the Jupiter, but nothing can compare to hearing it live. 

We invite you to request a demonstration from your nearest dealer or contact us to discover the full potential of the Jupiter. Experience the thrill of audio excellence with the Jupiter speakers by Audionostrum."


  • 3 Way-system with specially ODS crossover. Woofer 15 inches with Alnico Magnet.
  • 1 inch driver, Beryllium dome and Alnico Magnet. 3/4 inch driver with Alnico Magnet.
  • ODS (orbital driver system) for high frequencies. Horn made in wood with special geometry for ODS system.
  • Massive bass section with different woods and no parallel walls.
  • Double bass reflex, low speed type.
  • Metal parts crafted with surgical quality steel. Different finishes are possible on request.


  • Sensitivity: 97 db.
  • Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm.
  • Frequency response: 22Hz to 35KHz. Recommended amplifier: 20 to 500 Watts. Dimensions: Height 67,70 inches (172 cm), Width 23,62 inches (60 cm)
  • Depth 27,55 inches (70 cm)
  • Net Weight: 396 lbs (180 kg) each.